Inventor of “ +/- 2 Theory ”
 Successor of Master David King-Chuen Lung
Geomancer & Metaphysican

With a deep passionate in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics since he was young, Michael Ma has been exposing himself to different kinds of ancient Chinese doctrines and philosophies. Graduated from University of Victoria in Canada (Bachelor of Commerce) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (Master of Business Administration), he subsequently became the apprentice of Master David Lung King-Chuen to learn Ancient Chinese Feng Shui and Good Date/Time Selection, and as the successor, he has participated into various Fung Shui projects in Hong Kong and aboard such as HSBC and Hong Kong Jockey Club.  During the leisure time, David and Michael love to discuss Yi Jing and ancient doctrines, with the intention for continuous improvement in Feng Shui as well as to support and contribute to the society.

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