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This paragraph basically focuses on research findings, it may be a little dull and boring; however, it is a new findings that is meaningful to share with everyone, and hopefully it would draw more attention and interest on further investigation and research in this field.




We always hear people say Feng Shui, Fortune-telling, and Good Date Selection are actually statistical results, and was generated from millions of real cases by our ancestors, trying to pursue good fortune and avoid evil and disaster. Since it is originated long time ago, it would be interesting to initiate a new research from collecting today’s data, applying those doctrines or rules from our ancestors, and analyzing by different kinds of computer software, to see whether the past doctrines are still applied and whether metaphysics is indeed statistically-justified. 




In this particular research, data are collected from casualties or severe injured cases in Hong Kong. Four pillars (year, month, date, and time) of the event is collected and would transfer to True Solar Time, and would be analyze whether these particular “unlucky moment” have any correlation with the casualties or severe injured cases. If the answer is positive, what kind of correlation is it and how would it benefit us? If it is negative, whether fine-tuning or a different approach is needed on the research direction or the doctrines should actually be dropped.


The doctrines of Four Pillars of Destiny and my teacher Mr. David King-Chuen Lung’s philosophy would be employed in the analysis. Besides, some other traditional rules and doctrines would also be used in the investigation. On top of this, data-mining is adopted to dig out hidden patterns or cycles in the data. None of the rules or doctrines are imposed in the data-mining approach to avoid bias or prior assumption, the results in this part are strictly generated from the raw data (basically “+/-2 Theory” are generated from this means). 



The outcome has different kinds of interesting findings, some comply with traditional doctrines and rules and some do not, some need further research and investigation, and some are indeed uncertain. In the sampling size of 3600 individual cases (n=3600), there are some patterns or cycles discovered. The first finding to be released is  “+/- 2 Theory”:


“+/- 2 Theory”

It is discovered that: For a specific year, those that has the same Chinese Zodiac as two years prior to the specific year and two years after the specific year, unlucky cases are substantially higher in that specific year to those people with the same Zodiac.


The above pattern or cycle actually happened in quite a stable and significant manner on other Zodiac years as well (of course there are higher and lower rates in certain years), and this pattern shows that in certain situation it is even more stable and frequent then some of the traditional doctrines. As it is related to two-year (before or after) the specific year, it is therefore named “+/- 2 Theory” for easy reference.



Example 1:  For 2020 (year of the Rat), two years before is year of the Dog (which means it would include everyone who is born in the year of the Dog), and two years before is year of the Tiger (which means it would include everyone who is born in the year of the Tiger), are exposed to the “+/-2 Theory” risk.


Example 2:   For 2021 (year of the Ox), two years before is year of the Pig (which means it would include everyone who is born in the year of the Pig), and two years before is year of the Rabbit (which means it would include everyone who is born in the year of the Rabbit), are exposed to the “+/-2 Theory“ risk.


It is important to note that it doesn’t mean everyone who has exposed to the “+/-2 Theory” risk must encounter unlucky incident, rather it indicates that according to statistical result specific Zodiac would have higher risk to encounter unlucky incident in that particular year. Although it is very different from the traditional doctrines, since it is supported by numerous concrete data, the result is reliable and should not treated as coincident.



“+/-2 Theory” Table


Affected Zodiac

(people who has born in this Zodiac)

Rat (2020) 

Tiger, Dog

Ox (2021)

Rabbit, Pig

Tiger (2022)

Dragon, Rat

Rabbit (2023) 

Snake, Ox

Dragon (2024)  

Horse, Tiger

Snake (2025) 

Sheep, Rabbit

Horse (2026)  

Monkey, Dragon

Sheep (2027)  

Rooster, Snake

Monkey (2028)

Dog, Horse

Rooster (2029) 

Pig, Sheep

Dog (2030) 

Monkey, Rat

Pig (2031) 

Rooster, Ox



How exactly “+/-2 Theory Table” can help a normal person in the daily life? Actually in Chinese tradition, people like to check out the Zodiac of the next year to predict one’s luck (by comparing those Zodiac with the personal Zodiac). People may think that “+/-2 Theory” is actually a tool for people to have a quick reference to predict their luck for a particular year. However it is believes that a lot more data and researches are needed before reaching such conclusion, rather a person should employ full birthday (year, month, date, and time) to reach higher accuracy in the prediction. “+/-2 Theory” indeed indicates a new path for further study and investigation. It does not overwrite history, nor contradict any of the traditional doctrines or rules. Rather it serves as assistance or support to those traditional doctrines. It is a new theory and it helps to fill up the unknown area of fortune telling doctrines.


 “+/-2 Theory” is just a beginning. It represents scientific measurement or more specifically statistics or data analysis can apply onto metaphysics sector. Although it works backwards (by digging patterns or cycles from actual incident to locate for the original doctrine), it is scientific and non-superstitious.  Having said that there are still many areas for improvement, areas such as data collection, data accuracy, expansion on year and location, etc. For example there exist uncertain cases where the time lies between two time division and is difficult to locate the exact time zone, yet this discrepancy can be reduced as the sample size increases (normally statistic requires sampling size to be at least 30 (n=30) in order to achieve normal distribution).  


In conclusion, although there are restriction and difficulties in this kind of research, it is irresistible that computerization and data mining (analyzing large databases in order to generate new information) will bring new lifestyle in metaphysics and Feng Shui environment.


2nd June 2021

Michael Ma


May the merits transfer to all the passed away persons who have taught and guided us through their unlucky incidents